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Full Life Management with the 🌐 Life Hub

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In this digital swamp we live in, treading water is the only thing that happens these days.


To manage the wide variety of interests we have is nearly impossible, to a meaningful level that is.


Why make a pick between the things you love when there’s a way to do it all?


The Life Hub is a true second brain so you can focus on one thing at a time and come back to everything else later.


Key Insights


With the need for 14 different tools to keep up with everything, it’s easier to just not do anything at all.


By using a single workspace to manage your entire life, you save an incredible amount of time and brain space when you avoid distractions and wasted clicks.


Every task, goal, notes and β€˜thing’ is always within 3 clicks away from you anywhere in your Life Hub. Imagine the time you save.


Practical Applications


You need something that is universal enough to handle your unique interests and structured enough to let you do your thing how only you can do it.


Are you a sports guy? Build your team in its own areas and never lose a stat again.


Busy professional? Simplify your daily life by using the Daily Highlight to see a snapshot of project, goal, and milestone that’s important.


Aspiring learner or student? Every class, hobby, and new skill finally has an easy to use place that can grow as big as your brain will.


The options are as endless as life itself.


If you need a clear view of any area of your life, find a distraction free home with the Life Hub.


Getting Started


Start with one thing and build from there.


If you need a reliable task manager, move all of your tasks to the Tasks Hub and chip away at your list. Once you get a handle on that, add all your notes so you can see them side by side.


Looking for more of a info manager? Flip the order and start with your notes, then add tasks related to what you’re learning so you stay on track.


Or maybe you’ve had a goal in mind for years and it’s time to get serious. Break your goal into trackable milestones and stay motivated on your way to the top, one step at a time.


Advanced Considerations


The Life Hub is a complete life manager that meets any need you have. And with something as versatile as the ocean, it’s important to not get lost at sea.


Think of this like you’re digital home.


Most people don’t use 100% of their home all the time, but it’s still there when they need it.


The same thing is true for your computer, phone, TV, and even your car.


The Life Hub gives you a place to call home.


Use it wherever you go, and focus on what’s important right then.


The true benefit of having a reliable system is just like owning your own car: you can go get food when you’re hungry instead of taking an Uber. Those fees sure add up.


Challenges and Resolutions


The most challenging aspect of using a second brain is where to start.


To help, the Life Hub comes with 2 areas that everyone has in common: Work & Personal.


If you need deeper organization for all of your life buckets, dive in and see how easy it is to grow.


Don’t overthink it. Use what you need and have a ready to use space for any opportunity that crosses your life.




Remember, this life is yours and only you can live it.


It’s up to you to build and organize a life that you’re happy living.


Start small, organize easily, and grow every interest you care about when you finally drop those 17 different apps for the Life Hub and stop wasting time trying to manage it all.


Get your Life Hub now and gain control of your life, one task at a time.


– P.S. It feels weird having free time again because of the Life Hub. If you don’t know what to do next, take a break: free time is a basic human right.

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